Aleksandra Zawada was born in Poland. She lives and works in Edinburgh.

She graduated from Edinburgh College of Art (Drawing and Painting, BA Hons) in 2011. While studying painting, she picked up camera. From then on, she slowly established independent photographic body of work. She continues working in both mediums.

She works in series, loosely bound by title. Her work addresses issues of looking, concentrating on bringing attention to what is seen; on looking closer. She often chooses to work with: everyday, seen many times, marginal and ephemeral. Her work manipulates relationship between photographs presented to the viewer. It marries distant and at first glance not related images in order to present very subjective form of storytelling. Subtle manipulation allows her to stretch the idea of truthful representation and narrative.

She works with minimal, very simple means. Her artist technique is often selective editing of what is out there already. Artworks are subtle, intimate in scale and responsive to colour and material. Her work echoes with Post Minimal Art, Arte Povera, Outsider Art and Mono-Ha (School of Things) movements.

Photo by A leksandra Zawada